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  • Lots of business variety – Manage your threat level – Leader boards
  • Limited depth

Can you build a business empire and become a Billionaire? That’s the challenge you’ll experience in Billioniare, a game for your iOS device that mixes the clicker genre with business management.


Starting with a small amount of capital the game has you competing with your friends and well known personalities. Can you increase your net worth above that over pew die pie, J.K. Rowling, Taylor Swift and even Oprah? You’ll have 50 such celebrities with estimated net worth numbers on the leader board to attempt to match.

In order to increase your own net worth you’ll need to build a range of businesses from lemonade stands to hotdog carts, comic store and pet store there is a huge range of buildings that unlock at different net worth levels. Each of these businesses have their own earning rates, maximum capacity (before the money must be collected by the player) and threat level.

This is where the tapping element of the game comes to life with players tapping their device to speed up the build (or upgrade process). Players do have the option of letting the businesses build on their own but can dramatically cut that time down with rapid clicking which means they’ll be earning money faster.


Just when you start to build up your wealth though you’ll attract attention based on your threat level which will require you to lie low to protect the assets you have been able to generate otherwise you’ll get time in jail and not earn money for a length of time. This creates some tough decisions in the game as the more profitable businesses have higher threat levels.

Ultimately Billionaire is a simple game that lets fans of clicker games get a more passive game experience. The game relies on having friends to compete against though as there is limited long term depth beyond that.


  • Build a large range of businesses by tapping your device.
  • Upgrade your favourite businesses to improve their profitability.
  • Compete against 50 well-known personalities and your friends.
  • Manage your threat level to avoid jail time.
  • Play for free on iOS.



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