Blade Hunter

  • Browser based – Item depth – Simple to learn
  • Limited to three fairly generic options

Blade Hunter is a free browser experience that combines the likes of classic brawler games and modern role playing games together. Choosing from three basic classes you’ll travel the lands as you mash your keyboard to take down a wide range of foes.


Your class options in Blade Hunter include the powerful knight who wields the power of swords, the rogue that has deadly skills of the night and the valkyrie who has the power of illusion and magic. Whichever class you choose for your Blade Hunter adventure you’ll have a great journey ahead of you as you master their unique skills and gear them up with the most powerful items that you can find.

Relying on pre-rendered sprites the game delivers crisp graphics for characters and backdrops that almost have a painted style look to them. This strong art style also extends to the enemies you’ll be facing which come in all sorts of strange shapes, sizes and colours to keep things interesting before landing that killing blow.

The core gameplay of Blade Hunter centres on various dungeons that challenge you in different ways and offer a variety of rewards. With a good range of themes to these dungeons and some epic boss fights to test you at the end it feels very satisfying over short play sessions.


No MMO is truly complete without social elements and Blade Hunter strikes a fine balance by offering players the opportunity to engage in more long term friendships through the guild system or engage in short term relationships through the easy matchmaking systems for both co-operative groups and PvP fights.

Fans of the old beat ‘em up style games while enjoy the blend of MMO elements that Blade Hunter offers. It’s long term depth is slightly lacking but is well suited to smaller play sessions.


  • Mixes all style beat ‘em ups with MMO features.
  • Achieves social balance by mixing short term and long term relationships.
  • Three classes with their own skills to utilise in battle.
  • Upgrade your equipment with the in depth item system.
  • Dungeon focused experience packed with variety.

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