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  • Level variety – Minimalist design – Unique premise
  • Price

Blek will test your brain with a unique gameplay premise that involves drawing lines, dodging obstacles and collecting coloured circles. The game was designed by two brothers and promises to be an interesting experience.


The game is as minimalist as it gets with players advancing across 80 levels of Blek goodness. Within each level you’ll be presented with a game screen with various dots. Some of these will be coloured while others will be a dark black. Your objective in each level is to collect all the coloured ones without making content with the darker circles.

While simple these mechanics evolve over the levels on offer to include things such as black wormholes that will suck in your moving line and move it to another place on the level and circle shooters which much be activated with precision timing to collect one of their coloured brother circles.

In order to achieve this players must draw a line with their finger which will then repeat that pattern exactly as it was drawn. This of course requires plenty of experimentation as players will need to design a shape that when repeated will successfully navigate the level at hand. Like most puzzle games this can get frustrating but the solution is often only a break away.


The open ended puzzle design also ensures that there are often numerous solutions to each puzzle allowing people to come up with totally different answers to the same level. This design also counters issues with other puzzle games where a particular strategy or mechanic can be mastered and repeated.

The impressive minimalist puzzle design of Blek is addicting (and sometimes infuriating), it’s only drawback is the price tag attached.


  • Draw your own lines to collect coloured circles while avoiding black ones.
  • Use mechanics such as wormholes and shooting circles.
  • 80 levels of puzzle solving.
  • Wonderful sound and atmosphere contributes to your experience.
  • Perfectly suited to touch screen devices.



Review Platform: iOS

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