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  • Jetpack and rocket launcher – Graphics
  • Same old building experience – In-app purchases

Block Earth is one of the growing number of simple block building games. The game focuses on creative gameplay and is available on your iOS device with free and paid options.


The game is a great option for iPod Touch users in particular since the game is well optimised and doesn’t produce any notable lag on the device unlike some of the other options. This is particularly impressive seeing as the graphics in Block Earth are also of a high quality.

Block Earth does add a few features to help you explore the endless game world which helps to also separate it slightly from similar games. This includes a jet pack to easily get you around the game world (also helps you get great pictures of your creations) and the rocket launcher which lets you destroy blocks (great for clearing room in the world).

Beyond these little extras Block Earth closely follows the experience of Minecraft‘s creative mode. So you’ll need a creatively focused mind in order to get the full use of this game, thankfully Block Earth has a good selection of block types of textures to help you achieve your building goals. Block Earth also includes trains, boars, dragons, fences, stairs and windows so the feature list isn’t short by any means.


Block Earth isn’t all inclusive though and missing many features that could take it to the next level such as lighting options and water. It is also disappointing to have so many in-app purchases within a paid iOS game (not that any of them are necessary).

Ultimately Block Earth provides a well-polished Minecraft alternative that is a good option for those seeking a game to let their creative juices flow, especially on older devices. The game doesn’t break any boundaries but its creative options are fairly decent for the price tag that it comes with, just stay away from the added unnecessary in-app purchases.


  • Creative building mode similar to Minecraft.
  • Good number of blocks available.
  • Jetpack and rocket launcher adds a layer of fun.
  • Ability to take screenshots of your creations.
  • Plenty of other neat features including fences, stairs and windows for easy building.



Review Platform: iOS

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