Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn

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  • Skill options – Multiple classes – PvP and PvE modes
  • Rough in parts – Some difficulty imbalances

Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn brings the Borderlands style of gameplay to your iOS and Android devices. The game packs a surprising amount of depth into your smart phone and promises plenty of gameplay hours.


At the start of the game you’ll have the option to select one of the four available classes that each come with their own skills to level as you please. The classes available include the engineer, soldier, prayer and sniper.

The engineer is able to summon a turret to help them in battle, the soldier is the master of combat, the prayer can heal other players and support their team while the sniper is the master of ranged weapons. Choosing your class will define how you approach the game and your role in the multiplayer environment.

Customisation depth isn’t limited to just your skill options with random weapons also playing a role in your character development. With several weapon types (sniper, assault, shotgun and more) and multiple weapon slots you can easily carry several weapons at once if you struggle to make a decision.

Getting your hands on these weapons comes from either the various merchants in the game world or drops from enemies. Enemies are a mixture of creatures, mechanical enemies and humans which each attack you with different tactics. Players will also have to battle elite versions and even bosses in their quest based journey through the game world.


If you want more content outside the main story mode you have the option to jump into either a PvP or a co-operative mode to test your skills with others.

Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn is a fairly impressive game despite a few rough edges that is perfect for fans of the Borderlands series.


  • Brings Borderlands style gameplay to Android.
  • Random loot drops will keep you searching for a new weapon.
  • Includes a single player campaign, challenge modes and PvP.
  • No shortage of enemy types with their own distinct AI.
  • A variety of maps and bosses.



Review Platform: Android

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