Brick Force

  • Endless maps – Fast paced – Accessibility
  • Premium membership pushes the line of pay to win

Brick Force combines block building gameplay with first person shooting to create a fun mixture of genres. The game is free to play and because of its Unity engine design, can be played in your browser or downloaded for Windows and Mac play.


Customisation is huge in Brick Force giving it an MMO feel. You can change the way your character looks with various costumes and accessories and use a wide range of weapons with their own properties (weight, fire rate, recoil and damage).

The gameplay of Brick Force is split into two sides, the building of maps and then the playing of these maps. In the game you are completely free to do whichever one you wish, if you enjoy creating then you can design game levels for others to play. While players looking for FPS gameplay can simply focus on enjoying maps created by others and the solid shooter experience.

Players are able to build entire game maps using a wide variety of block types which results in some very fun and exciting multiplayer maps from wide open plains to smaller city inspired maps.

These maps can be played across a number of game modes with most being designed for a particular game type. This includes the standard deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture the flag, a blast mode (search and destroy) and the defence game mode that has players fighting off swarms of bees (AI controlled).


Brick Force also offers clans which players can join which unlocks the ability to compete in clan wars for bragging rights. To separate free from paying players Brick Force offers a premium membership along with tokens to spend on in game items. The premium membership in particular just over steps the line a little though giving a slight ‘pay to win’ feel which is the only let down in an otherwise amazing experience.

Brick Force is a well-polished and enjoyable FPS experience and since it offers endless maps the game won’t get boring any time soon.


  • Create your own maps to play on.
  • Customisable characters and great weapon variety.
  • Polished and fast paced FPS gameplay.
  • Multiple game modes to experience.
  • Large community so there are always plenty of available servers and new maps.

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Review Platform: PC

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Samuel Franklin
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