Bubble Mania

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  • Ramps up quickly
  • Low level pool

Offering up over 60 levels of strong bubble match gameplay, Bubble Mania is one of the smaller titles in the genre in terms of raw levels. What you get though instead is a game that ramps up the difficultly more quickly with tight gameplay to match.


Starting at the appropriately named Bubbly Lagoon players advance through each level with the objective to save all the animal babies from the trapped bubbles. In order to so you’ll be making coloured matches of 3 or more to clear them from the game board and release the babies stuck within.

All the usual features are there from simple tap controls to release a coloured orb (with the option to hold your finger for a trajectory line), the ability to swap between the active orb and your next orb and bouncing your shots of the game wall. Along the way you’ll also unlock 4 different boosts that provide more options to conquer levels.


With an added goals mechanic in the game that sees you completing simple tasks to earn premium currency these boosts are still accessible to even people that don’t want to make a purchase in this freemium bubble title. Similarly while there is an energy mechanic at play you’ll only run into issues if you continually fail a mission which is rare unless you are a complete beginner to the genre.

While the number of levels are much lower than more recent releases in this space you’ll have lengthy and difficult levels to conquer within only the first dozen levels so it is by no means short on gameplay.


  • Play through over 60 levels.
  • Complete goals for premium currency and other rewards.
  • Use 4 different power ups for difficult levels.
  • Aim your coloured balls carefully, bounce them off walls and swap between them.
  • Play on Android and iOS devices.



Review Platform: iOS

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