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  • Cute design – Good number of levels
  • Offers little challenge until far into the game – Ad heavy

Bunny Pop offers up over 200 of bunny themed levels where you’ll shoot bubbles and make matches of 3 or more of the same colour. Available for iOS and Android it’s a high quality offering released in 2017.


Each level in Bunny Pop requires players to free very baby bunny trapped in the bubble filled level. Freeing bunnies is an easy enough task that requires you to pop the bubbles surrounding them by firing coloured orbs. If your fired orb makes a match of 3 or more you’ll clear them from the game board, freeing any bunnies (and bubbles) underneath them.

Bunny Pop also features the now standard swap mechanic that lets you swap out a bubble colour you don’t like with the next in the queue, which encourages players to more closely monitor their upcoming bubbles. On top of the baby trapped levels you’ll also encounter some other game modes, including a carrot rescue game mode that replaces bunnies with tasty carrots and alters the mechanics slightly.

Mechanically fans of the genre would have seen all of these features before but Bunny Pop does it all with cute bunny style graphics that encourages you to pop and hop between every single level.


These levels all start out fairly basic and it takes a while for Bunny Pop to offer a challenge although this design is by no means unique to Bunny Pop with games in this genre generally being more relaxing then strategic. Once they do start to get difficult Bunny Pop offers up 3 power ups to help you blast through obstacles for your objective.

Overall Bunny Pop is a nice bubble shooter with some good production values, although it is a little ad heavy compared to similar mobile titles.


  • Save the bunnies and carrots across 200 levels.
  • Shoot your coloured bubbles into the sky to make matches.
  • Use your power ups to beat difficult levels.
  • Earn 1 to 3 stars in each level, aim for high scores and replay levels.
  • Play on both Android and iOS devices.



Review Platform: iOS

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