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  • Colourful game experience – Fun and free – Hundreds of levels
  • Very simple gameplay

Candy Blast Mania will have you matching all sorts of colourful candy on your mobile device across hundreds of levels. Available on both iOS and Android devices for free you’ll find an impressive candy based experience awaits you.


The game is definitely one of the more simple games in the match three puzzle genre and is perfectly suited to shorter play sessions. Each level in Candy Blast Mania challenges you to collect a certain number of candy within a limited number of turns. While early levels in the game are fairly easy the difficulty quickly increases as you have to manage multiple colours and deal with strange shaped game boards that make matching difficult.

Collecting a candy of a particular colour is very easy and if you’ve played any sort of puzzle game before it will be second nature right from the start as you swipe candies to make lines (vertical and horizontal) of three or more. When players make matches of four or more they’ll get special bonuses to help clear the game board even faster or increase the number of resources that are gained from candy collection.

Like most games in this genre each level requires you to consume energy which does stop players from playing longer sessions on Candy Blast Mania. Energy can recharge to a maximum of five with players having the option to purchase more or get them through friends if Facebook is connected to your game account.


As you progress through the several hundred levels players will gain access to a variety of powerups to take into each level. Using these wisely is important to getting through all the levels of Candy Blast Mania and help give you that extra edge when you need it. The easiest way to earn powerups is through the special missions in certain stages which provide keys to unlock treasure boxes of goodies.

While Candy Blast Mania isn’t that different from other games that are out there it is very well put together and promises a good amount of addicting candy based content.


  • Blast away candy in this match three puzzle game.
  • Hundreds of levels that will challenge you.
  • Unlock powerups with treasure chests to gain the edge that you need.
  • Compete with friends for the highest scores on each level.
  • Colourful graphics and sounds brings the game to life.



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  1. Check level 35 in the PC Candy Blast game. When two Strawberries get in the same line and the Super Candy does it job and the two berries get to the bottom it closes the game and I had to start over. Thanks I still love the game its awesome.


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