Card Wars – Adventure Time

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  • Fun animations – Simple gameplay
  • Rare cards require a little too much time investment

With over 500,000 downloads on the Google Playstore alone, this card game based on the popular cartoon Adventure Time has attracted not just children, but adults from around the world.


Card Wars – Adventure Time started off as a game played by cartoon characters Finn and Jake. Similar to the cartoon, there are creature cards, building cards, and spell cards. Unlike the cartoon though there are also hero cards and faction cards you can collect, adding the extra depth and longevity card games require.

At the start of each game players start out with four lanes. In these four lanes, you get to use your faction cards and choose which faction you want each lane to be – corn fields, blue plains, useless swamp, nice lands, and sandy lands. All of these work together in a number of strategic ways and is just the foundation of the unique and deep offering of Card Wars – Adventure Time.

Of course the game also features deck customisation which allows you to create your own ideal mix of creature, building, and spell cards. Each of the creature and building cards belong to one of the factions, and can only be placed on lanes of their respective faction. An exception are the rainbow cards, that can be placed in any faction lane.

There are two parts to each turn. During the first part, you can choose which cards you want to place and activate. Players then get to attack and defend in the second part using creature cards.


You can play as different characters of the game by collecting their respective hero cards, such as Marceline or Princess Bubblegum. Each hero also has a specific hero ability, for example, Lumpy Space Princess is able to heal all Plains creatures every three turns.

Following the story’s quests will allow you to play with against the different characters from the cartoon. You can choose to opt out of this and play against another players instead in competitive multiplayer matches, and fight for the Cool Guy title, as well as being #1 on the Leaderboard that is reset every few weeks.


  • Based on the popular Adventure Time cartoon.
  • Collect cards by completing quests or winning matches.
  • Compile your own deck of cards.
  • Large variety of card rarities.
  • Play as all your favourite characters.



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