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  • Great tutorial – Well-designed magic and hero system – Arena and dungeons
  • Music and some sound effects get annoying quickly

Castle Clash is a fairly standard base building strategy experience but its polished gameplay and features have helped it rise to the top of the genre. The game boasts millions of accounts and is particularly popular on Android devices (also available on iOS).


Castle Clash pulls from lots of different settings, leading to a strange but enjoyable mix of themes. You’ll find plenty of fantasy creatures, some medieval influences and even a touch of steampunk design in the advanced troop section that includes the likes of the Mecha Man.

The core gameplay of Castle Clash is similar to other games within the genre and involves the usual mix of city building and resource management. Players will start with next to nothing and get introduced to the game through a series of tutorials which are definitely some of the better ones around. From here it’s all about gathering more resources to increase your power through buildings and troop upgrades so that you can get more resources.

What truly sets Castle Clash apart is the robust magic and hero system along with the additional game modes (Arena and Dungeons). Magic spells must be purchased from a players Relic Hall and have several levels of upgrades available. Using these spells at key moments gives you more control over how your battles turn out with spells that can heal your troops, boost their attack, rain meteors on the enemy and much more.

The hero system is equally as important if players wish to rise through the ranks in Castle Clash. Heroes cannot be lost in battle (not permanently) and are used in a similar manner to troops although they are also able to defend you from attacks. There are plenty of them available with their own strengths and rarity rating. Players can have multiple heroes active and level them up separately to improve their stats and skills.


In between attacking other players and constructing new buildings players have two unique game modes to experience in Castle Clash. This includes the Arena where players put their heroes to the test against other players and the Dungeons which players raid for rewards.

Castle Clash definitely adds more than enough polish and unique content to be worth consideration as the number one Clash of Clans clone around.


  • Blends medieval and fantasy settings together.
  • Standard but well-polished gameplay for the genre.
  • Impressive hero and magic system offer extra strategy depth.
  • Battle it out in the Arena or raid Dungeons with your heroes.
  • On iOS and Android with tens of millions of accounts.



Review Platform: iOS

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  1. Good game

  2. Bad game a money pit rolling for heroes with no reward. Unless you are willing to pay hundreds to build a half decent team there is no point in playing!


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