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  • Deep three match experience – Huge number of upgrades – Plenty of levels
  • Slow gameplay

Cavemania isn’t your average match three strategy experience and promises something unique. You can grab a copy of the game in the respective Android or iOS App Store for free. The game is perfect for casual gamers but also has enough depth to its mechanics that hardcore gamers will also be interested.


The game puts you in the role of tribe Chieftain as you adventure across a number of environments in order to reunite your tribe that has been scattered after a strange event destroyed your once thriving settlement. As you find more and more of your tribe you’ll unlock new upgradeable units and buildings which will help you solve the match three style puzzles that Cavemania throws at you.

Gameplay in Cavemania is extremely unique and while the core element revolves around a simple matching puzzle the true strategy of the game is much deeper. The game takes place on a grid made up of different resources (food, wood, gold and others). As players match up these symbols in groups of three or more they’ll be added to your resource pool.

What sets Cavemania apart though is that you’ll have characters, buildings and enemies on the game board as well which you can move around. When your characters are near an enemy they will attack them after every turn that you make (but be careful because they can attack back and you have to keep your chief alive).


Each level has a limited number of turns which players must complete the given objectives within. Objectives can range from dealing with a certain number of enemies, collecting a certain amount of resources, building certain buildings and more. To help you tackle the more difficult levels you can convert your gold (earned from beating levels) to upgrade units and your buildings.

Cavemania’s unique blend of puzzle game and unit strategy is highly addictive and adds a lot of depth to a genre that is usually a pretty casual offering.


  • A three match game with a twist.
  • A long adventure with plenty of different levels.
  • Upgrade your units and buildings to suit your playstyle.
  • More depth than your average puzzle experience.
  • Free on Android and iOS.



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