Chew n’ Pop Tales

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  • Fun power ups – Great level design and challenge
  • Lacks innovation

Chew n’ Pop Tales is a tasty addition to the match three puzzle genre that has you combining gummy tiles of various colours. With well over 100 levels to enjoy the game offers a long term adventure on your iOS device.


The game has you stepping into Gummy Wonderland as a young girl named Alice who has last her way, in order to potentially escape this strange world you’ll have to complete over a hundred missions and find a path through the madness.

These various levels generally involve reaching a certain score within a limited number of moves but will also challenge you to clear all sorts of obstacles as well. With a constantly changing game board requiring you to get a little more creative with your matches the difficulty in Chew n’ Pop Tales finds a good middle ground.

As veteran puzzle fans would expect there is plenty of incentive to make matches of 4 or 5 gummies instead of the required 3. In Chew n’ Pop Tales matches of 4 will reward you with a striped gummy that is suited to clearing entire lines or the gummy bomb that will wipe out all nearby gummies. Chew n’ Pop Tales also has the unique mechanic of allow you to combine special gummies together to create special combos.


For those more difficult levels you’ll have a good number of power ups that allow you to remove a single obstacle, clear a row of gummies, activate all your special gummies at once or reshuffle the entire game board.

Chew n’ Pop Tales is very well-designed when it comes to the puzzle match genre with decent longevity thanks to Facebook leader boards and strong level design for the hundred or so game levels. For the match three puzzle addict this is one that should definitely be on your device.


  • Match all sorts of colourful gummy tiles.
  • Use a range of fun power ups.
  • Compare your best scores to friends on Facebook.
  • Meet score requirements and clear obstacles in limited moves.
  • Hundreds of free levels on iOS.



Review Platform: iOS

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