Ciao Bella

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  • Cheap price – Simple – Mini games
  • Limited replay value

Ciao Bella: la Bella Romanza blends life and romantic simulation games to create a fun and bubbly game experience. In Ciao Bella players are put in charge of Elena and must get her through her hectic life in one piece. The game lets you have complete control of Elena including her career, relationships, health and the all-important relationship with boyfriend Elio.


Your ability to manage Elena’s life and her affairs will be severely pushed to the edge as you try to balance elements of her life, career and overall well-being. To add another obstacle into the mix the game splits itself into 13 different levels that each has their own catastrophe for players to beat (just like real life!)

These 13 different episodes in Ciao Bella take you from the early days of meeting and befriending Elio and ends with your eventual engagement to the man of your dreams (if you can pull it off). This forms the basis of most missions with Elena attempting to get another date from Elio to advance their relationship.

Just like in other life simulation games you’ll have to improve Elena’s stats in a number of areas while also maintaining her core needs like food, sleep and happiness. The game is slightly more structured than similar games such as The Sims series though. Activities to participate in include working, going to the gym, visiting the park and going shopping for items.


Also built into the game are a number of mini games to give you greater control of the game results. These games include driving through traffic to cut down your travel time and playing tennis.

Ciao Bella is great as a cheap and simple casual life simulation game although you’ll find it slightly lacking in replay value due to the mission style approach to gameplay.


  • Simple and fun life simulation experience.
  • Help Elena get her dream husband.
  • 13 different levels to work through.
  • Plenty of activities and mini games available.
  • Available at a bargain price with free trial available (Big Fish Games).



Review Platform: PC

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