Clash of Avatars

  • Graphically interesting
  • Poor translation – Over automation of mechanics

Clash of Avatars is all about automation, with a browser Action RPG title that is happy to play itself from start to finish. The graphics help bring this fantasy game world to life but are the other features up to scratch?


Coming out of Asia and created by AMZGame Clash of Avatars is a translated game which does crop up from time to time during your adventure. While it won’t destroy the experience the odd translation glitch can break the MMO flow. This is covered up somewhat by the fairly strong graphics that range of anime themed to more traditional real life inspiration, this means some characters do feel out of place but for the most part its a congruent offering.

Actual gameplay is fairly hands off as previously mentioned and unlike other games that let you control how much of the game plays itself Clash of Avatars keeps most of this control, resulting you being a passenger and strategist in the adventure. While it can actually be turned off the design of the game makes it feel like a significant penalty to play for yourself. For fans of this design this approach won’t turn them off as the game controls every single combat encounter.

With Clash of Avatars controlling the combat players are left with absorbing the linear storyline which is told through the order of quests and selecting the appropriate skills and gear to optimise your character. In turn your B.R. will increase which helps you gauge your character progress This character belongs to 3 very standard archetypes, the warrior, mage and priest with skills and stats appropriate for their title.


Other offerings within Clash of Avatars include Avatar cards which offer a fun hunt and collect side objective that can alter your character abilities and the PvP which is played out in short 10 second battles with other players (AI controlled).

Clash of Avatars is a reasonable offering in the automatic browser RPG space, the graphics are particularly better than a number of alternatives although the other features leave much to be desired.


  • Free to play browser action RPG.
  • Choose from the 3 available classes (warrior, mage and priest).
  • Collect all the Avatar cards or engage in PvP.
  • Improve your B.R. through equipment, skills and levels.
  • Automated gameplay makes it easy to reach high level content.

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