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  • Light concept – Puzzle hub – Eerie atmospheres
  • Some frustrating puzzles

Closure is a puzzle and platform game available for PlayStation 3, Windows and Mac. The game revolves around the concepts of light and darkness which form the basis of all the puzzles within the game.


The game world of Closure is extremely dark and it is filled with mystery. It is entirely a black and white experience with only things you can see existing in the game world. The most obvious example of this is if there is no light cast on a path then it simply doesn’t exist and you’ll be falling to your death.

Closure takes place across three very different environments which are just as aerie as each other. This includes the abandoned factory, a dark forest and the old carnival which will make you avoid playing the game at night time.

The idea of light is at the centre of all puzzle mechanics with each level generally requiring the player to reach a door on the other side of the level. Light plays a very important role in this as paths that aren’t illuminated do not exist and thus cannot be interacted with by the player. The game provides a number of light sources to help players advance through each level from light bulbs, spotlights and light orbs that can be carried around.


Some of the puzzles in Closure can prove quite tough with the odd one being a tad frustrating but thankfully Closure uses a hub like feature so you can jump between puzzles and can come back to some of the tougher ones later when you are feeling more patient.

If you prefer your puzzle platformers to be an eerie affair Closure might just be up your alley, the use of light as a puzzle concept has never been done on the same level as Closure so you’ve got a unique and fresh experience just waiting to be played.


  • Explore a dark and eerie game world.
  • 3 very different environments to solve puzzles in.
  • Use light to create paths or make them disappear.
  • A tough level of difficulty that is great for puzzle veterans.
  • Grab a copy for Windows, Mac or PlayStation 3.



Review Platform: PC

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