Cloud Nine

  • Class options – Monster cards for every monster
  • Limited community and PvP

Holic Online returns with a sequel named Cloud Nine which uses many of the same mechanics and anime style as the original. For those needing a anime MMO title with low to medium system requirements Cloud Nine is a decent option.


Choosing from three race options you’ll pick from a total of six base classes which once reaching level 20 can select an appropriate sub-class to customise your skills further. Factions also need to be considered at the start of the game with two options, Ganav Libero and Primus Union which impacts who you can fight against the PvP portions of gameplay. Some visual customisation is also available during this early game stage although it is not expansive.

Beyond character creation players will star to use the typical WASD and mouse control system of most MMO games and use this to fight monsters, complete quests and engage in PvP if they choose. Experience gain in Cloud Nine is also on the higher side of the MMO spectrum so it moves at a reasonably good pace.

This level pacing combined with very open game environments makes Cloud Nine early levels some of the best although this open environment does make Cloud Nine feel more lonely as the limited player pool ends up spread out across the game world.

Skills follow a typical formula of one skill point per level which allows you to improve your preferred class based skill but also combines with raise and weapon skills which help you define your character more and give some extra flexibility.


This ties in quite well with the crafting mechanics of the game (jewelcrafting, metalworking and alchemy) of which players must select one to use to generate an income within the game by using their skills to assist players with their needs. This also ties in with resource collection through fishing, mining or hunting monsters which also has the added benefit of collectible monster cards.

Cloud Nine isn’t a bad anime orientated MMORPG but it definitely isn’t great, with the greatest let downs being the small community and lack of PvP options.


  • Choose from 3 races and 6 classes.
  • Offers PvE and limited PvP gameplay.
  • Craft equipment, potions or accessories and contribute to the economy.
  • Hunt for important resources and collect monster cards.
  • Anime themed MMO.

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Review Platform: PC

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