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  • Plays on top of your desktop – Lots of customisation – Create your own music
  • Few too many features hidden behind purchases

Club Cooee is one of the more unique virtual chat rooms available and is a great experience for fans of social virtual worlds such as IMVU. The game is published by Cooee GmbH and always has thousands of users online.


Club Cooee has all the fun features of similar games and includes chat, games and the ability to create your own virtual chat rooms. Of course there is also the ability to customise your own unique avatar with a huge amount of options allowing you to create any personality that you want or simply re-create yourself.

The game runs on top of your desktop which makes it stand out from the other games in the virtual world genre and makes for a unique experience as you have 3D avatars walking around right on your desktop. The game is very much a social focused experience with chatting making up a large amount of gameplay. Thanks to the huge community size there is always someone new to meet and chat about all the popular topics from music to fashion or just life in general.

Players aren’t limited to text chat though with the ability to embed pictures and videos into their rooms along with links to some external websites (such as Facebook).When you aren’t chatting with other members you can decorate your own Cooee house to your liking or go create your own music in the DJ room which other users can vote on it.


For users that want to take customisation a step further they can buy some Cooee points to access additional features. Cooee Points can also be earned by participating in the community or referring friends.

Clue Cooee has plenty to love and a huge community making it one of the great virtual world experiences around.


  • Uniquely runs on top of your desktop.
  • Fun 3D graphic style.
  • Create your own music in the DJ room.
  • Decorate your own Club Cooee home.
  • Embed websites, pictures, videos and even music in your home.



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  1. sup yall this is a awesome game

  2. this is a AMAZING GAME!!!!!!!!

  3. I haven’t played this……should I ????

  4. I’ve never played this before.

  5. Nice game!

  6. This would be a great game but i’m having trouble dowloading it on my device

  7. whoa i love itttt
    its so awsome i love CLUB COCEEEEEE!


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