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  • Lots of attention to detail – Interesting spin on the genre
  • Limited level variety

Satisfy your sweet teeth for match three puzzle games with Cookie Jam, a deliciously new game in the genre with plenty of content and problem solving challenges to enjoy.


While on the surface Cookie Jam is just your standard match three puzzle experience it has an interesting twist that has you completing a dessert recipe in each level. By matching shapes of various colours you’ll be able to collect the required ingredients to make your finished dish. With each recipe just as unique as the level it is always exciting to see what the next level has in store for you.

Travelling across several candy themed islands such as Cotton Cakelandia, Swiss Chocolate Alps and more in your floating house ensures that there is a good number of levels in the game to keep you busy. From the smooth gameplay to the detailed settings and recipe variety it is a game that shows what some attention to detail can add to an overall experience.

Effort has also definitely been put into balancing the strategy required to complete each level. Unlike other games where you can mindlessly match tiles together and still pass the level you’ll find that Cookie Jam requires a little more forward planning which provides room for the smart player to rise the ranks against their friends.


Cookie Jam ramps up the difficulty at a good pace to keep you interested over the long term. From changing up the board, introducing extra obstacles and colours you’ll always be on your toes. At the same time you’ll unlock more tools to use in your own arsenal to help you get past the more difficult levels.

Satisfy your sweet tooth for an exciting new match three puzzle game in Cookie Jam and you won’t’ be disappointed.


  • Play on Facebook, Android and iOS.
  • Create recipes by matching colours in each level.
  • Well-presented and designed.
  • Great attention to detail.
  • One of the better match three games available.



Review Platform: iOS

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  1. This is a good game. However, the cost for boosters or extra lives is really high compared to other games in this genre.

  2. I am playing level101 I enjoy playing the game but when you have these count down clocks shoved at you and unable to even get through a the game because of these clocks it get frustrating it’s hard enough to clear all the squares when you have these clicks popping up can’t play game cause clocks take over if there was a wAy to skip this level I would do something about the clocks ut ruins the game

  3. I have the same problem. Timer runs out and always have 10 lives left, although I could have finished with a couple of moves. If that isn’t changed, I’ll stop playing

  4. Too impossible to beat the higher the level.


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