• Lots of depth – Randomised games with many options
  • Lack of tutorial – Micromanagement

Cosmogonia opens up an entire universe to explore, colonise and battle over. With aggressive alien races on your door step it’s a game that requires careful balance and strategy to win.


Each new game in Cosmogonia allows players to select the size of the galaxy, the level of resources, game difficulty and get their choice of civilisation colour. This lets you directly control the game difficultly and how long your games will last which gives you plenty of room for growth.

Once you’ve selected your options Cosmogonia will generate a random universe with dozens of galaxies that each house a number of planets. Planet variety is where Cosmogonia really shines with all sorts of special attributes for planets that make them particularly suitable to either industry, research or farming.

Balancing your planets that provide food for your civilisation and those that will allow you to research the stronger technologies of the game is where most of your game decisions take place. To claim a planet as your own players will have to move their a human colony ship into orbit and seed it with a colony. Once colonised you can determine the focus of that planet (industry, research or food) and build modules that allow you to construct starships or grow food on the planet.

As you quickly expand your empire players will find that there is a huge amount of micromanagement to be performed with each new colony. Cosmogonia lets you completely remove this element from the game though with an auto button that will automatically build important modules for you although can get you in trouble, especially on those near the galaxies under alien control where you may need to rush some defensive turrets on your planet surface instead.


Actual combat in Cosmogonia comes in two forms; ship vs ship and ship vs planet. It’s fairly basic combat though and more about overwhelming your enemy with the right combination of ships rather than having an impact on the game result.

Cosmogonia has a huge amount of depth for an iOS game although the lack of a tutorial type level does mean you’ll have to invest a considerable amount of time into experimenting and learning the game mechanics yourself.


  • Battle against aliens to save the universe.
  • Generate a randomised universe from many different options.
  • Explore and conquer planets to generate resources.
  • Micromanage your planets or automate the process instead.
  • Ship vs ship and ship vs planet battles.

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Review Platform: iOS

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