Dead Frontier

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  • Free – Browser based – Captures the post-apocalyptic environment
  • Can be difficult at the start – Lonely without friends

Dead Frontier is one of the few zombie based games that you can access in your browser and for free. The game has been around since 2008 and lets players explore a post-apocalyptic environment while struggling to survive.


The uniqueness of the game has attracted a large audience and boasts millions of registered accounts. As they game is a persistent experience players can interact and even fight with others if they wish.

To start your Dead Frontier adventure players will have to create their own avatar with the option to choose from a wide range of professions. This list of professions is fairly large with some dramatically altering your stats, bonuses and starting equipment. With plenty of generalised titles like chef, accountant, fireman, teacher and student it’s easy for players to choose their own real world career if they wish. Some visual customisation options are also available to players during character creation although these are fairly limited.

Once you’ve setup your avatar players will jump into the post-apocalyptic environment and begin to explore the world in order to scavenge for food and supplies. Players start out is Nastya’s Holdout, a safe hub where players can trade and store their items. If you are feeling hesitant about exploring alone then it’s easily pair up with friends before you explore the ruins of the city if you prefer to have someone watching your back.


To deal with the zombie threat players have a good choice of weapons from melee items to handguns and even more explosive options. Finding ammunition for these guns though is a more difficult task so players must carefully consider when they decide to consume their ammunition. If you die you’ll lose everything that you are currently carrying so be careful.

As you continue your Dead Frontier adventure players gain experience, level up and find new equipment as they would in most other role playing games. In turn this allows you to explore the deeper parts of the city for stronger gear.


  • Free to play browser game set in a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies.
  • Plenty of different jobs to customise your survivor.
  • Team up with friends and explore the zombie infested city.
  • Fight against other players in the PvP mode.
  • Scavenge for food, ammunition and other items with trade value.



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  1. This game sucks…When you die its just bad. They also support P2P way to much.


  2. One of the best free mmorpgs. Few really nice touches and unique features, player controlled market (!) so you can buy everythihg (incl. credits) for the game currency. And you can switch PVP completely off no matter what level you are.
    So, unlike others mmorgs you are not killed continously by high level, paying players…


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