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  • Building materials – Destruction options - Physics
  • Sandbox only won't appeal to everyone

Sometimes the best part of building things is the destruction process. This is where Detonate comes in, the game allows you to build a variety of structures and then gives you the ability to destroy them.


The game is published by Wildebeest games and has been around for a few years. On their website you can download a small lite version for free or purchase the game for 5 Euros.

As the name suggests the game is focused on destruction elements but in order to destroy you also have to create. The physics of Detonate add another level of fun to the destruction as you attempt to make the largest explosions possible or attempt to destroy only half of your building while protecting the rest. Whatever strange goals you want to set yourself, the physics make it possible and add an extra level of learning to the experience.

No sandbox game is complete without a large collection of resources though and Detonate has a good variety for you to design your structures (and they will all react differently thanks to the game physics). This includes brick, timber, steel and all the important concrete among many others.

So how do you actually play Detonate? In the game, you’ll first enter into build mode where you can create anything that you want from the available resources. Houses are the most common creation in Detonate although you are only limited by your imagination. Creating a skyscraper, a castle or an entire town is all possible.


Once you are happy with your creation you switch into explosive mode where you set explosive charges around your building. You have complete control over the strength of the explosions and the timing which opens up some interesting options.

If you want a sandbox game with explosive potential to let your destructive side run wild, you’ll love the freedom you have in Detonate.


  • Focuses on the best building aspect, destruction!
  • Large range of materials to build with.
  • Control over explosives (timing and strength).
  • Lite version available to help you get a taste.
  • Impressive physics to help create realism.



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