Deus Ex: Invisible War

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  • More streamlined for casual play – Interesting storyline – Player choice
  • Not as much depth as the original

Deus Ex: Invisible War is the sequel to the hit original, Deus Ex. The game was released for Windows and Xbox and follows the story of Alex D in the new world that is filled with war. Just like the original there is no shortage of choice of given to the player.


Invisible War picks up the story over two decades after the events in the original game and sees players exploring a world ravaged by war and economic turmoil. Players join the game as Alex D, a trainee in the Tarsus Academy after a huge terrorist attack destroys Chicago.

Similar to the first Deus Ex there are several conspiracy theories underneath the main plotline for players to discover. Uniquely depending on your choice of actions you may not encounter some of the games subplots at all which does give Invisible War considerable replay value (in addition to the huge character customisation options). Ultimately the final game decision about the direction the world will take at the end of the game is up to the player.

The same choice elements to combat are still alive in well in Deus Ex: Invisible War with players able to complete missions in a variety of ways involving brutal force, stealth, direct bribery or manipulation through dialogue.


Nano enhancements return from the original and are now referred to as biomods and are a much more streamlined mechanic. This time around players have five different slots (eye, cranial, skeletal, arm and leg) for biomods with each having three levels of power. Some of the more interesting biomods can only be obtained through the black market in the game.

Invisible War definitely has a Deus Ex feel with the storyline again having a conspiracy theory focus, the amount of player choice in driving this plot has also been enhanced. The only real let down for fans of the original will be the reduced amount of character customisation.


  • Another conspiracy driven game world.
  • Heaps of choice in developing the story and plotlines.
  • Complete missions in a variety of ways.
  • Use biomods to enhance your character, including some strange black market ones.
  • On Windows and Xbox.



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