Devil May Cry 4

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  • Impressive battle mechanics – Two characters to command – Good difficulty for veterans and newcomers
  • Very stop and start (lacks flow)

Experience action, adventure and classical hack and slash gameplay in Devil May Cry 4. Use all your favourite swords and firearms as you battle demons as the two main characters Nero and Dante.


The story revolves mostly around Nero and The Order of the Sword who worships the Dark Knight Sparda as their god. After witnessing Dante slay the high priest and a number of Holy Knights Nero is able to overwhelm Dante due to his inner demonic demon hunter powers. From here a deeper story begins to develop that lets you play as both Nero and Dante as you battle armies of demon warriors.

Drawing on gameplay mechanics from the previous Devil May Cry games there isn’t much innovation in this department. This doesn’t make it bad by any means though as the DmC franchise has always offered well-polished and fluent combat. Memorising combos are key to your battle success part of which is well timed dodges so that combos aren’t broken by enemy attacks.

Your adventure is split into missions in Devil May Cry 4 and while the focus is definitely on combat there are several puzzles and item hunts built into some of the levels. Performance in each mission is graded on a scale from D to SSS which is primarily based on how stylish the combat you use to dispatch foes.


This rating is more than just an ego boost though with Proud Souls being awarded for your efforts at the end of each level which can be spent on powerful abilities. While these get increasingly more expensive you’re able to sell your purchased abilities to reconfigure them without penalty which does encourage you to experiment with different setups.

Devil May Cry 4 is another great addition to the franchise with the level of flair in combat that you would expect from a game with the DmC name. It’s not the strongest story of the series though and lacks the fluidness of the previous games.


  • Play as Nero and Dante.
  • Be rewarded for your stylish combat with Proud Souls to upgrade abilities.
  • Purchase equipment with Red Orbs.
  • Master combo attacks and dodging.
  • Experience the story of The Order of the Sword.



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