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  • Mineral and item variety – Setting – Rig mechanics
  • Not a huge amount of depth

Dig-N-Rig is a 2D mining game based in the future. The game focuses on resource management and some unique building mechanics and can easily offer hours of fun for fans of the genre.


The idea behind Dig-N Rig definitely isn’t anything new but the setting and overall game feel is a fresh experience. This experience is not only great for fans of resource digging games but also easy enough that newcomers to this style of game will be able to enjoy it.

In the game players will find themselves in the near future (year 2032 to be exact). This is an exciting time as a team of dedicated scientists have decided it’s time to explore what the Earth’s core has to offer. This is where you come in, players take control of Diggit 6400 the most sophisticated mining robot available.

Gameplay in Dig-N-Rig revolves around players digging through the Earth while extracting various minerals to send back up to the scientist team on the surface. Returning your finds to the surface is one of the unique elements of the gameplay and must be done be constructing your own rig of vertical and horizontal conveyors.


Minerals are then transformed to help you on your journey with upgrades, rig pieces and new items. As you dig deeper the minerals you’ll find will become rarer and more interesting to the science team. Digging deeper will also allow the player to find rare fossils and attract the attention of enemies that are lurking beneath the Earth.

If you are looking to test your resource management skills while exploring some creative building mechanics you’ll like the challenge that Dig-N-Rig has to offer. Where reaching the centre of the Earth won’t be an easy task without careful planning.


  • Lots of digging and rigging.
  • Can you reach the Earth’s centre?
  • Unique rig building mechanic.
  • Large number of items, upgrades and rig pieces to unlock.
  • Free to play.



Review Platform: PC

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