Disco Bees

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  • Unique gameplay – Varied level layouts– Soundtrack
  • Limited level goal variety

Disco Bees is a great match three puzzle adventure that uses a unique hexagonal style grid (based on honeycomb) and combines it with an impressive disco soundtrack. You’ve got plenty of level variety in store as you buzz your way through what the game has to offer.


With over a dozen hives to save (made up of several levels each) there is lots of levels to sink your teeth into in Disco Bees. The constant change of theme also keeps the game fresh with different settings and soundtrack accompanying each hive challenge.

These challenges will require you to navigate the strangely shaped game boards to match bees of the same colour while achieving certain score thresholds within a limited number of moves. Like other match three puzzle games you’ll be able to excel at each level by carefully planning your matches to connect 4 and even 5 bees together in a single match for mini bees to help you clear the board and rack up those points.

For the times were you find yourself truly stuck on a level you’ll have trusty bonuses set aside that you can call upon for that extra leg up.

Due to the hexagonal design of the game board you’ll find Disco Bees has a lot of added gameplay depth over similar games. The ability to move bees in six directions as opposed to the usual four creates a very fun and unique dynamic that will definitely appeal to those that want to challenge their brain a little more to find available matches and clear the later levels of the game.


Disco Bees also allows you to connect your game with Facebook as a match three game wouldn’t be complete without the social elements allowing you to compete with your friends.

The upbeat soundtrack, hexagonal game board and large number of levels ensure that Disco Bees will be a winner for any puzzle fan.


  • Bee themed match three puzzle game.
  • Upbeat disco soundtrack.
  • Dozens of hives to save across countless levels.
  • Compete with friends through Facebook.
  • 6 directional matching instead of the usual 4.



Review Platform: iOS

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