Divinity II

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  • Open world – Available skills – Become a dragon
  • Lacks some polish – Some Xbox issues

Divinity II is an action RPG that changes most of the Diablo inspired gameplay of the original into a more open world Elder Scrolls series style experience. A unique feature of the game is the ability to switch between human and dragon form.


Divinity II is set in same realm as Divine Divinity (Rivellon) although a significant amount of time has passed, so only hardcore fans will recognise the game locations.

Apart from the dragon switching ability the gameplay of Divinity II is pretty standard with players going about the game world to interact with NPCs and accept quests. Divinity II does also offer choices that impact the story, puzzles to complete and large conversation trees to make the game world come alive though.

In terms of character customisation there is plenty of depth to create a character that you want to put your name on. Divinity II splits skills into a number of schools which you can invest in as you please to create hybrid mixes or standard class types.


There are also plenty of side activities to keep you busy and level up. This includes crafting and alchemy to create equipment or potions but also includes necromancy to create a custom undead pet and the ability to enchant your own equipment with a number of helpful powers.

Divinity II has plenty to love with its unique mixture of two well-loved genres. With plenty of depth in all game aspects (skills, gear and game world) and the option to take flight as a dragon to do battle the game deserves the Divinity name and your money.


  • Change into a dragon to do battle.
  • Explore the world of Rivellon once again.
  • Blends Diablo style loot with the open world of the Elder Scrolls.
  • Plenty of skills to mix and match for your character.
  • Nice list of extras including crafting, alchemy, necromancy and enchanting.



Review Platform: PC

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  1. This game looks pretty cool thanks for putting this up on this website!


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