Don’t Starve

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  • Creepy – Plenty to do – Large worlds to explore
  • Multiplayer sold separately

Don’t Starve is a single player survival game that has many unique features and a dark art direction that makes it a stand out open world survival experience. The game was released in April 2013 by Klei Entertainment.


The aim in Don’t Starve is simple, survive for as long as possible in the harsh, eerie and unforgiving game world. In Don’t Starve you’ll have to battle against starvation, hostile monsters and even insanity. Just like in other survival games, you’ll explore the game world collecting materials and eventually craft tools to assist in your survival.

Don’t Starve has some features that help it stand above other games in the genre though. For example upon your character’s death you’ll be awarded with experience points (based mostly on the length of your survival) which can be used to unlock additional characters with their own unique strengths and play style.

These characters encourage you to try different gameplay styles as you try to utilise their strengths into your strategy and gives the game an extra level of replay ability while also giving you a sense of identity in the world. Character powers include fire immunity, ghost sisters that fight on your behalf, increased health, sanity regeneration and much more. Characters also have their own stats which determines how quickly they succumb to damage, lose their mind or starve to death.


On top of the sandbox style game mode players can access an adventure mode which focuses on providing difficult challenges with varied objectives. Completing these isn’t easy and makes for a nice change of pace from the core sandbox mode.

The game does a great job of creating a realistic survival experience and literally throws you in the deep end to learn for yourself how to survive in the unforgiving world of Don’t Starve. Fans of other games in the genre such as Minecraft will love what Don’t Starve brings to the table while newcomers to the genre will find this game a great and creepy place to start.


  • Survive in an unforgiving game world.
  • Multiple characters with their own special perks and stats.
  • Sandbox and adventure game modes.
  • Unique art direction and atmosphere.
  • Lots of items and activities available in the game.



Review Platform: PC

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