Doom 3

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  • Scary atmosphere – Great length
  • Little originality

Doom 3 promises an extremely scary experience in its take on the survival horror genre. The game is a linear first person shooter set on Mars and delivers a truly terrifying atmosphere.


Released in 2003 with an improved edition (BFG Edition) in 2012 the game steps away from the original Doom games to offer a different experience to the originals that launched a decade before Doom 3.

Set in a futuristic world the player is a space marine on the Mars colony in 2145. Naturally the location you’ve been assigned to involves biological research, teleportation, advanced weaponry and all the other research fields that always end in trouble when involved in a video game.

You’ll learn lots about the questionable experiments that take place on Mars during the early game sequences and information you find scattered around the rest of your adventure. This journey is one to save Earth from the demons of Hell that have invaded the Mars installation, you’ll have to fight off zombies and other strange creatures while exploring the dark research station.

Doom 3 is very story driven with little room for exploration along the way. The game is split into a series of levels that each have their own objectives. Stopping your progress players will find a number of enemies, simple puzzles and even mini boss creatures that are tougher than your standard opponent. To dispatch these threats players will get a healthy dose of standard firearms and a few more unique ones.


As a survival themed game Doom 3 does encourage careful resource management, it’s definitely not a game where you have an unlimited ammo supply. Players will also need to carefully switch between their weapon and flashlight to explore the darker areas of the game world (although there are mods that combine the two but these change the intended atmosphere of the game).

If you’re in the mood for a scare don’t pass up on this classic survival horror game that definitely promises quite a few.


  • A dark survival horror game.
  • Fight through zombies and other strange creatures.
  • Revives the Doom franchise but is a completely different experience.
  • Amazing graphics for its time help bring this dark location to life.
  • On all major platforms.



Review Platform: PC

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