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  • Great music – Prepper stats and skills setup – 6 floor types
  • Wait times on the longer side – Some UI elements are clunky

Bringing the popular National Geographic television title to your iOS or Android device is Doomsday Preppers a game about prepping for the ultimate apocalypse by digging deep into the ground. It’s the end of the world as you know it with a stock market crash, massive natural disasters and a large meteor on its way.


To start you’ll customise your own virtual character, select a flag (options are limited to only a few countries unfortunately or generic ones) and a location for your bunker from the suburbs to the middle of nowhere or a farm property. These choices don’t impact gameplay and are solely for cosmetic purposes. With your options selected you’ll start your dig underground to protect your family and other preppers.

Gameplay requires players to build underground by building up to 140 floors deep. Each floor must be assigned one of the six floor types (shelter, food and water, science, workshop, security and recreation) which each offer their own benefits and need to be balanced.


Shelter is the staple of your bunker with shelter levels allowing you to house several preppers which can then be assigned out to your other floors based on their stats and speciality. These stats can go up to 10 in the respective categories that match up with the previously mentioned six floor types and allow you to earn more gold from the goods and services that you’ll make.

From here your endless cycle of perfecting your work assignments and growing your base with new preppers begins. For the most part this process which is the majority of gameplay is addictingly fun although if you don’t carefully plan ahead you’ll find yourself waiting several hours to attain the gold you need to clear a bottleneck of new preppers at your door.


  • Recruit preppers to work inside your underground bunker.
  • Each prepper has a unique skill and stats to optimise.
  • Large number of achievements to focus your goals.
  • Build up to 140 floors deep.
  • Mobile app based on the popular television series.



Review Platform: iOS

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