Dragon Eternity

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  • Cross platform – Huge amount of content – Events and PvP
  • Combat can get repetitive

Dragon Eternity is one of the few cross platform MMO role playing games out there on today’s market. The game lets you play online, on your iOS or Android device so you can always be making progress on your character wherever you are.


Dragon Eternity is definitely filling an important gap in the market as one of the few cross platform opportunities out there. Regardless of which platform you choose to play the game on you’ll find that the game is well-polished and a smooth experience.

Starting out players will have the option to choose their gender and empire that they want to fight for (either Sadar or Vaalor) before jumping into the game. Later on in your adventure players will have the opportunity to select a class which includes the brutal berserker, spell wielding witcher and the holy paladin. Of course each of these classes come with their own playstyle, skills and unique equipment which does encourage you to have multiple characters on the go at once.

Once in the game you’ll have plenty of quests thrown at you to keep you busy as you improve your character slowly with levels, skills and equipment. Quests are always fairly straight forward and require you to go to a particular location, fight a certain number of enemies and come back with your reward.

Combat always looks and feels impressive though thanks to the large variety of enemies and impressive graphics on the combat screen. As a turn based adventure you’ll also find that combat comes with some room for strategy as you carefully choose your next optimal move. This turn based approach also keeps the game perfect for smaller devices where more skill based control systems can end up feeling cramped.


The longevity of your experience in Dragon Eternity definitely lies within the item system with plenty of item slots for you to fill on your character it’s the sort of game that fans of a min-max style approach will instantly enjoy.

For a casual game that you can play in your browser or load up on your mobile device you don’t want to miss Dragon Eternity.


  • Huge amount of content.
  • Cross platform experience (browser, iOS and Android).
  • Customise your character with over two dozen item slots.
  • Impressive combat visuals.
  • Always something to do between questing, events and PvP



Review Platform: iOS

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