Dragon Pals

  • Impressive dragon, alchemy and farming systems – Supports solo, versus and group play
  • Limited classes – Generic elements

Dragon Pals teams you up with a powerful dragon as you fight your way through a long campaign that will test your strategic decision making in turn based side scrolling combat. With some deep game systems, regular events and colourful visuals it’s a solid browser based experience.


Selecting from one of the three classes available (mage, warrior and archer) players will develop their character with skills and items while also controlling the growth of their own dragon pet. With each dragon having their own strengths there is room for multiple characters as you mix and match strengths of the classes with dragons to create some killer combinations.

Dragon Pals has a good mix of single player and multiplayer content so all gamers will find their place in the online environment. There is also a surprisingly number of additional mechanics outside of combat to occupy your time. From the in-depth alchemy system to the arena and 100 floor demon tower there is always something else to hold your attention and ensures you’ll be playing Dragon Pals for longer than most browser based games.

In terms of graphics Dragon Pals has a good level of presentation. It’s a game that is full of colours with an impressive amount of variety available to customise your character and help differentiate yourself from other players.


Just like other games in this space much of the actual combat is an automated process with player control focused around setting up your team for success rather than having control over each individual battle. While this style is becoming increasingly popular in games like Wartune it isn’t something that everyone will enjoy.

The level of depth in the mechanics of Dragon Pals definitely warrants playing it if you are in need of a browser game with more depth than most.


  • Fight alongside your own dragon.
  • Put together a strong fighting team.
  • Lots of depth in non-combat elements.
  • Great mix of single player and multi-player.
  • Colourful graphics bring your character and the world alive.

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Review Platform: Browser

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