Dragons World

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  • Great graphics – Focus on training with Pokemon style battles
  • Some elements overly time consuming

Dragons World joins the ranks of other dragon breeding games with an impressive experience that has you taking tiny baby dragons and raising them into the beautiful creatures that they are. Along the way you’ll get to breed them to create unique combinations and train them up for Pokémon style battle in tournaments against other players.


There is plenty of opportunity to let your creativity run wild in Dragons World with the ability to decorate 3D environments with all sorts of habitats to house and grow your dragons. Combining this customisation with the huge number of dragons species for you to discover it’s the sort of game that ensures you always have something to do and helps take the sting off the waiting periods that plague this game genre.

Starting out you’ll have your own flying island with a blank slate just waiting to be transformed by you in any way that you desire. Quests will help guide your early progress by encouraging you to build particular starting buildings and dragon habitats but as you advance you’ll unlock more and more freedom.

With buildings, habitants, decorations and extra islands to unlock you’ll be playing Dragons World for the long haul. The tournament feature of the game in particular is where much of the longevity comes from as you combine dragons from the 8 elements to create a dream team. This depth gives the battles a Pokémon like feel as you choose your attacks and balance your dragon elements for success against thousands of other players.


Battles are more than just the highest level dragon though and getting lucky with elemental matchups with training giving you the option to bestow different perks onto your dragon every three levels that can make them more powerful with careful selections.

Create your dream dragon team and rise the tournament ranks while you create the perfect floating dragon island with Dragons World, easily one of the best games in this space.


  • Impressive graphics bring the game world and dragons to life.
  • Strong battle and tournament features encourage you to create a dream team.
  • Pokémon style battles let you choose your attacks.
  • On iOS and Android.
  • A game with plenty of long term appeal.



Review Platform: iOS

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