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  • Multiple game modes – Chaotic fun
  • Little core gameplay variety

Dwarfs!? (and its free to play counterpart Dwarfs!) lets you command your very own team of Dwarfs in a Lemmings meets Dwarf Fortress approach to gameplay.


The free version allows players to experience arcade mode (main game mode) in addition to tutorials and challenge mode while the full version adds sandbox, rush, endless, tower defence and dark mode for more variety. These modes can be added individually to your game or bought in a package (Dwarfs!?) allowing plenty of flexibility.

Regardless of how you opt to experience this Dwarven adventure players will find a fast paced game with randomised maps to keep you coming back. In the game players take control of the overseer as you guide your digger and warriors dwarfs to expand the kingdom and defend it from attack.

Players will start in a small cavern with only a small a number of dwarfs. In order to expand players will need to generate gold which is generated for every square of dirt that is dug out by your diggers. Certain squares also contain minerals that provide a larger boost. The catch though is that players are only given limited control over their little dwarfs.


This means that your diggers will continue to dig randomly in any direction they choose unless players command them down a certain direction. This is easier said then done though as this costs vital resources so it becomes a balancing act between control and resource generation. Having dozens of diggers running wild is of course very dangerous with hidden caves having water, lava and enemies which cause a number of headaches.

Enemies will kill your dwarves and if they make it to your base can result in a game over while lava and water can overtake the map if not carefully controlled with walls, holes and restricted blocks of dirt. This creates a very chaotic scramble for control which is where the fun of the game exists.


  • Play for free or unlock more game modes in the full game version.
  • Lead your dwarves to riches.
  • Avoid enemies, lava and water.
  • Earn achievements and complete plenty of difficult challenges.
  • Fun yet chaotic gameplay that requires balance between resources and control.



Review Platform: PC

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