Elements vs. Monsters

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  • Active gameplay – Lots to upgrade – Bosses
  • Can be grindy – Some upgrades are limited

Elements vs. Monsters is a simple mobile lane based tower defence game that has you commanding the elements of ice, fire, grass and rock to fend of waves of dark monster hordes.


With four lanes to defend your primary defences are the elements which must be manually controlled to fire their long ranged attacked. Additionally you’ll have two other towers that will automatically fire on approaching enemies every few seconds. Your objective in each level is simple, defeat the few dozen enemies while keeping them from reaching the far left side of the map. You’ll also face off against a boss every 10 levels.

Activating an attack is as simple as pressing on the lane you want to fire upon which comes with a short cooldown. This requires players to carefully plan out their attacks as different monster speeds will require some adjustment. This basic formula stays the same for the majority of the game but does build on itself with things like upgrades, new monsters and spells.

These upgrades can reduce the time between shots, boost the damage dealt by your elements, allow shots to pass through enemies, boost the health of elements and improve your automatic towers to to fire more often and for more damage.


Spells have similar upgrades for cooldowns, damage and mana cost and allow you to freeze enemies in place temporarily, damage them with a deadly whirlwind or heal your elements.

The majority of these upgrades are purchased with gold which is generated at a decent rate for every enemy you take out of a lane and the costs are priced with balance to ensure you’ll be able to get an upgrade or two for every level. Some are restricted to the premium gem currency however but players won’t struggle too much without these.


  • Lane based defence game for your mobile device.
  • Master many game levels and fight bosses.
  • Upgrade your elements for more damage, piercing attacks and criticals.
  • Use 3 different spells to gain the upper hand.
  • Free to play game.



Review Platform: iOS

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