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  • Interesting premise – Right blend of difficulty and enjoyment – High quality music tracks and visuals
  • Short, especially if you don't care for challenges

Entwined tells the story of a fish and bird that are in love, using this unique idea the game offers a journey of visuals and music. It’s a relaxing game that is ideal if you’re looking to sit back and take in the experience.


Following the souls of said fish and bird the game opens with the line “Always together, forever apart”. From this opening players are tasked with controlling both of these souls through a number of game levels in order to unite them.

The controls to achieve this are fairly straight forward with each being controlled with one your controller’s sticks, this allows you to enjoy the experience and the gorgeous game design without too much trouble. This atmosphere is built up mostly by the music but also the visuals and design of the souls.

Entwined is split into a number of linear levels that will have your fish and bird moving through a tube like path. Within this path are collectibles and panels which players must hit to advance through the level. While at the start these panels are mirrored as the game progresses you’ll find that both souls often have a completely different sequence.


For those wanting more difficult paths after the reasonable short main story you’ll find a collection of challenges that will push your soul guiding abilities to the limit with a fixed number of misses and leader board support. This is the games biggest let down with those that don’t care for the challenges limited to around an hour of content.

Entwined is a mesmerising experience that has just enough difficulty to keep you feeling challenged but never frustrated. This is important as the whole game relies on you enjoying the atmosphere around you and succeeds at creating something casual, relaxing and memorable.


  • A unique adventure of fish and bird souls.
  • Relaxing and mesmerising levels.
  • Just enough challenge to keep things interesting.
  • Additional challenge levels with leader board support.
  • Exclusive to PlayStation consoles.



Review Platform: PS4

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