Epic Inventor

  • Free! - Regular updates - Mixture of genres - Unique experience
  • Decent learning curve

Epic Inventor is an indie game published by Pixel Prone Games and offers an interesting combination of genres with obvious inspiration from both Minecraft and Terraria. As of October 2013 the game has been open source.


Epic Inventor is available for free and with an open source code there is no shortage of content to experience. The game offers a great single player experience but there are also multiplayer options available. Epic Inventor takes place in a randomly generated 2D game world where players collect resources and explore while building a variety of items and machines to populate their world.

Eventually as players advance further more buildings will become available, allowing players to create their own city and eventually reduce the need for manual resource collection all together (with buildings such as the lumber mill for wood), turning the game into more of a strategy experience.

Players are given a handy robot at the start of the game (I named mine R2-D2) which you can jump in at any time to travel around the map faster but also has a number of defensive and offensive uses as well. This addition of a robot companion from the start is definitely a unique idea and is very well executed in Epic Inventor. Just like your own character your robot can be improved with equipment to turn it into the ultimate killing machine.

The game starts off very similar to Minecraft with players spawning with basically nothing. From these humble beginnings the player will slowly venture beyond their cabin home in search of crafting materials (wood and various ores).


Slowly as you build up your reserves of resources you can craft a working bench and start improving your equipment or look to build traps to defend yourself against the invading creatures. Eventually you’ll start exploring deeper and deeper as you seek out important resources to expand your town.

Epic Inventor captures all the good parts of games like Terraria and Minecraft but adds its own little twist to make it one of the standout free games currently available.


  • Combines building, adventure and some role playing elements.
  • Low system requirements, perfect for laptop users.
  • A free game like Minecraft and Terraria.
  • Regular content updates.
  • Very unique game concept with ideas like the robot companion.

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Review Platform: PC

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