Episode – Choose Your Story

  • Create your own story for publish – Variety
  • Free limitations – Basic animations

Episode – Choose Your Story is a mobile (iOS and Android) experience that lets you drive the story in the direction that you want. Known for great variety of stories and regular updates, Episode is a game you can keep installed for a lengthy period of time.


Episode – Choose Your Story boasts thousands of different stories in various settings and genres ensuring players can either play a comedy focused adventure or one with a bit more romance instead. Popular stories include high school romances, wedding proposals, supernatural stories, amnesic recoveries, hollywood fame and many others. A number of games are also based on movies (Mean Girls and Twilight) or follow a popular celebrity such as Demi Lovato

For those that also fancy themselves a writer Episode encourages story submissions which can be released for others to play provided they meet some basic criteria (certain number of words, don’t focus on offensive content, etc).

Regardless of the story you choose gameplay is generally similar with players customising a character look and then going through a series of story points where a decision must be made. These decisions can then impact on the direction and ending of the story. The games feature some animation although are mostly text based.


The number and frequency of stories that are released on the Episode platform are the main reason why this game continues to be a popular game several years after its release. There is simply no shortage of new adventures to be had and the simplistic nature of the gameplay keeps the game accessible to a wide audience.

If you love simple choose your own adventure stories then the wealth of stories on Episode will keep you entertained for months to come.


  • Thousands of different stories and settings to enjoy.
  • Write your own story for others to enjoy.
  • Choose your look and make the decisions.
  • Constantly new content to experience.
  • Free for iOS and Android.

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