Eternal Saga

  • Browser game – Impressive graphics
  • Some pay to win cash shop items

Eternal Saga is one of the newer additions to the browser MMORPG genre and started its open beta in July 2013. The game has a heavy fantasy and anime style theme and was developed by 4399 Studios.


It’s still early days for Eternal Saga but the game already has some solid foundations that will play an important role in the long term success or failure of the game. There is no doubt it’s one of the best looking browser games to hit the market in a long time which is one of its best strengths.

In its current state Eternal Saga is fairly linear with players jumping from quest to quest and killing a variety of monsters in order to level up and increase your power. Early levels mostly involve simple fetching and killing a certain number of monster quests to introduce you into the gameplay. You’ll find that you level up pretty quickly in these early stages and they serve as more of an extended tutorial rather than offering any real gameplay.

On top of levelling your own character players are also followed around by a pet who levels up by themselves and supports you in battle. Once you’ve reached a certain point in Eternal Saga you’ll start unlocking dungeon runs where players can venture deep into a dungeon for boss battles and loot.


Eternal Saga has a unique option that allows players to complete these dungeons in an AFK mode where you set the skills that you want to use and the game will advance through the dungeon for you. You can explore the dungeon the old fashioned and manual way which is recommended for dungeons around your level but AFK mode is a neat option as a way to grind weaker dungeons.

The familiar cash shop is also available in Eternal Saga and has all the goodies you would expect with a large number of cosmetic changes and the always popular experience boost. Most of the top companions seem to be restricted to the cash shop which definitely pushes the game towards pay to win territory though.


  • Impressive cute anime style graphics.
  • The ability to AFK farm dungeons.
  • Pet companion to support you in battle.
  • Playable completely within your browser.
  • Cash shop lets you unlock cosmetic changes and the toughest companions.

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