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  • Mood – Variety and game modes
  • Slow gameplay

Eufloria offers strategy gameplay in an artistic wrapper. Available on a huge range of platforms the game is uniquely satisfying, relaxing and challenging. Released in 2009 for Windows and the game quickly conquered other platforms and eventually saw a HD release.


Set in a space environment your objective in Eufloria is to overtake the universe with your seedlings which grow from the trees that you plant on the planets under your control. With 25 levels in the story mode along with relaxed, skirmish and dark matter mode there is plenty of time to refine your strategy and master Eufloria.

For the most part players will start the game with a small number of planets in the story mode with the objective to overtake the available planets and asteroids in each level. Players command the unique life forms known as Euflorians which spawn from the seedlings on each asteroid. While they start as basic unit producing units players can eventually access defensive trees and more as the story mode advances.

Players are limited to basic commands that mostly centre around planting seedlings and moving units between the various asteroids. Once moved to a neutral asteroid players will soon gain control while enemy asteroids will require significant units to combat enemy Euflorians.


While on the surface the gameplay is simple there is a lot of hidden depth through the randomised elements of the game, unique asteroid statistics and the way each tree will grow to be unique thanks to fractal algorithms.

Eufloria’s simplistic design hides a true strategy game that is just as relaxing as it is intriguing. If you’re a gamer that loves an alternative experience Eufloria is the ideal next game for you.


  • An atmospheric strategy game with unique music, gameplay and graphics.
  • Command your own Euflorians across the galaxy.
  • Enjoy multiple game modes with plenty of variety.
  • Randomised game elements allow for great replay value.
  • Available on a large range of platforms.



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