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  • Visually attractive – Individual town people – Decorations have a purpose
  • Slow to expand game area

Build your own cute anime town in EveryTown a game filled with customisation, freedom and quests that let you shape your small little town into something truly unique and impressive.


In EveryTown players find themselves returning home to warm welcome with the town seeking help to expand and bring back some of the glory of days long past. To start you’ll plants some cabbage crops in the six starting fields, tend to your cow and make your first loaf of bread from the local mill. The result is a healthy amount of starting experience, coins and the knowledge you’ll need to take your town far.

You’ll also be introduced to one of the primary game mechanics of EveryTown which is the Eco system. Increasing Eco is done with particular structures and allows your fields, trees, pens and producing buildings to have their produce never expire. These Eco boosting structures are primarily the decorations which encourage players to balance their income with some of the beautiful decorative items, while also reducing chance of spoiled food and products. This is also important as the number of fields is limited by your level so further productivity must be gained through a good Eco level and upgraded buildings.

To guide your town progression your childhood friends are happy to give you a number of quests, thus expanding your level and gold resources quickly. In addition to quests players will fund most of their expansion by selling the finished goods in the market place.


As quests are completed more and more characters will present themselves as you help all the townsfolk and even customise their clothing as you watch them walk around your ever expanding land area.

Ultimately EveryTown is a solid city building game although it doesn’t avoid the free to play trappings, it’s generally better than most games in terms of hard paywalls that you can’t overcome. For those that love an anime style or want a city building and resource management mobile game with strong and distinct visual style, EveryTown offers that experience.


  • Unique and pleasing aesthetic.
  • Unlock new town characters and accept their quests.
  • Plenty of customisation, focused on decorations that have a use (Eco).
  • Visit the towns of your friends for rewards.
  • Expand your buildings and fields to maximise income.



Review Platform: iOS

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