Evil Genius

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  • Addicting and unique gameplay – Humour
  • Gameplay can be a little slow

Evil Genius mixes simulation and real time strategy putting players in charge of their own evil villain lair (complete with plans for world domination). The game launched in 2004 with development by Elixir Studios.


The game is set somewhere in the 1960s or 1970s and offers a humorous and light hearted approach to gameplay that has great depth and strategy for players to explore. In the game you will spend your time building your ultimate island fortress, sending your minions out on secret missions and trying to evade the world’s justice forces. At the start of the game you can pick one of several evil geniuses each with their own stats.

At the start of your plot for world domination you will start with a very simple lair and slowly unlock additional rooms to help you disguise and defend your secret island lair from the forces of justice. Players have great freedom in how they build their lair allowing them to focus on disguising their evil operations or taking care of pesky invaders with dangerous traps.

Rooms form an important aspect of the gameplay with rooms being used for housing, research, training and much more. This lair building aspect of the game is very reminiscent of dungeon building aspects in Dungeon Keeper like games.


The more minion housing you build the larger number of minions you will be able to recruit which start out as the basic unit type. Minions can eventually be trained to specialise in a number of fields and roles with certain training required to undertake some evil missions. Players never have direct control over minions though apart from setting them tasks to perform.

The ultimate goal of the game is world domination which is completed by collecting blue prints and stealing necessary parts from across the world. These missions require an increasing amount of minions to be completed successfully. Missions also provide cash to be spent on lair development but also increase your notoriety in the game world which will attract more justice forces to your lair.


  • Build your own evil lair with a large number of rooms.
  • Try to achieve world domination while staying under the radar.
  • Disguise your lair from justice forces or dispose them with traps instead.
  • Light hearted and fun humour.
  • Several evil geniuses and henchmen to choose from.



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