Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff

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  • Family Guy theme – Good range of characters – Simple gameplay
  • Limited freedom

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff joins The Simpsons: Tapped Out in the world of freemium building games with a cartoon tie in. It’s a complete experience with all your favourite characters making appearances and a typical over the top Family Guy story line to enjoy.


Set in Quahog after Peter and Ernie The Giant Chicken have a massive fight that destroys the entire town you’ll control lead character Peter Griffin as he attempts to rebuild one quest, character and building at a time.

The quest lines doesn’t feature much variety and generally involves building a characters house to unlock that character. To add them to your rebuilding project and call them your own though you’ll have to complete a small number of tasks for them. These tasks generally require another one of the characters you’ve unlocked to perform an action that has a chance of giving you the item you need (some are rarer than others).

Actions are easy to activate and can be completed in a few seconds (such as Chris picking his nose) or can be hour long affairs. Every action will also earn you some experience for that character and in game currency to spend on new buildings or decorations to bring Quahog back to life.


While your waiting for your timers to reach zero on your active projects you can either head to the in game shop to speed them up with clams or spend your time in the shopping district creating unique outfits for the Quahog citizens you’ve been able to save so far.

If you love Family Guy you’ll no doubt enjoy the adventure as it captures what Family Guy represents quite well. The lack of freedom though will be the deal breaker if you aren’t hooked on the cartoon series.


  • Rebuild Quahog one building at a time.
  • All your favourite Family Guy Characters to unlock.
  • A storyline and quest based adventure that guides you through the rebuild process.
  • Complete actions to find important items.
  • Play for free with freemium gameplay done well.



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