Farm Heroes Saga

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  • Hundreds of levels – Free to play – Bright and colourful
  • Some elements are too similar to Candy Crush Saga

Farm Heroes Saga takes the best of Candy Crush Saga and changes the theme while introducing a handful of new mechanics to deliver a fun and colourful matching experience.


Developed by King the game packs in hundreds of levels just like their original hit game that has now created a whole new market for Candy Crush clones. This time around though you won’t be matching candy as you take the healthy route to match apples, carrots, strawberries and more.

Your goal in each level of Farm Heroes Saga is to collect the required resources for that level. With only a limited number of moves for each level though you’ll need to carefully plan your next move in order to make sure you can reach the requirements.

While the first levels of Farm Heroes Saga are fairly straight forward and only require the player to collect a small handful of two or three resources you will quickly find yourself challenged as you advance. Thankfully with your trusty boosters players always have a way out of the more difficult levels.

Boosters can give you an extra few moves, take away an entire row of crops, give you bonus resources, remove a particular tile from the game board and much more. Depending on the booster players will use one of the two currencies available in the game; magic beans which are earned for completing levels and gold bars which must be purchased with cash. If you’ve played games in this genre before then you’ll recognise this sort of setup from other games.


At the end of every level players will get a rundown of their score for that level and rating between one and three stars. While perfectionists will try and three star every single level most players will focus solely on getting through the hundreds of levels or competing with friends for the best score.

Some might write off the game as a simple re-skin of Candy Crush but it’s actually quite different and just as fun. With the huge selection of levels you’ll get just as many hours from it as well making it a highly recommended option for fans of this simple puzzle genre.


  • King’s latest puzzle game.
  • Collect colourful resources in each level.
  • Hundreds of different levels.
  • Use your handy boosters to beat the more difficult levels.
  • Compete with your friends.



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  1. I am looking for a game called sweet fruit candy. Is that one of King games? If so, how do I get it?


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