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  • Underwater setting – Story game mode
  • Few items to craft – Only good for a single playthrough

Would you be able to survive if your submarine crashed into the bottom of the ocean? FarSky poses this challenge on you as you explore the ocean depths and attempt to rebuild your craft while staying alive.


Starting out with nothing but some basic supplies and a simple base on the ocean floor you’ll have to beat the odds by exploring, extracting, gathering, hunting and constructing. In addition to this story based adventure players can also enjoy a sandbox game mode where you can do anything with all the tools that FarSky has to offer.

Managing the most important needs (namely hunger and oxygen) is key to long term success as you build out your underwater base. Hunger is satisfied by cooking fish that you kill out in the ocean or plants that you grow inside your base. On the other hand your oxygen supply is limited when leaving your home but can be upgraded to increase your available exploration range.

To help with the exploration side of gameplay FarSky is kind enough to provide a helpful map that will point out your submarine pieces and resource fields (such as coal or iron). It also serves an important secondary feature though of keeping you coordinated as it is easy to get lost amidst all the ocean valleys.

While it’s easy to enjoy the exploration of FarSky thanks to all the living creatures swimming around you players must never forget the primary purpose of exploring the ocean floor which is to collect necessary resources. Ultimately these resources become items for your base, weapons to defend yourself or extractors to improve your resource farming ability.


These extractors are a nice touch to the game and will automatically extract resources for you when placed on a resource area and means less resource collecting which is good due to how dangerous it can be (especially at night when enemies become more plentiful and aggressive). Enemies include sharks, jellyfish and barracuda who are attracted to rapid movements or blood left in the water from you killing sea creatures with your spear gun.

While FarSky is a great survival game with a setting you wouldn’t have seen before the lack of depth keeps it from something you’ll play again and again like Minecraft or a similar sandbox games. The minimal number of items to build and very straight forward enemy AI in particular keep it to a single playthrough adventure.


  • Explore the ocean floor as you collect all your submarine parts.
  • Hunt and be hunted by sharks, barracuda and jellyfish.
  • Build an underwater base, weapons and equipment upgrades.
  • Use extractors to extract resources automatically.
  • Play through the story or try sandbox mode instead.



Review Platform: PC

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  1. potato man was here and potato man likes this game.

  2. How do we survive in the water? We are humans (In da game) and are like water animal? I see humans hands so i think we are like kinda of aliens


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