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  • Unique story and puzzle mechanics – Impressive game world
  • Not as challenging as other puzzle games – Slow pace

If you love puzzle and platform games you definitely can’t miss out on what Fez has to offer. The game was released in April 2012 and is one of the most successful games in the genre and a great purchase for any platform puzzle fan.


In Fez players will be able to explore a varied game world using Gomez a simple 2D creature that one day finds the mysterious and powerful Hexahedron that allows him to perceive the third dimension that he never even knew existed. Soon after discovering this strange power though the artefact explodes into several pieces and distorts the game world.

After Gomez wakes up after the explosion he is instructed to explore the world to gather the 32 pieces of the Hexahedron and put it back together before the world destroys itself. The game also has 32 anti-cube pieces for players to find with each cube piece opening up new areas of the strange and varied game world.

Puzzles in Fez rely heavily on platforming with players able to control Gomez’s movements, jumping and climbing. Gomez also has some options to interact with various objects for puzzle solving.


The most important element to the puzzle system in Fez though is the players ability to rotate the game world at any time. Because the game world is 2D this rotation allows players to reach ledges or doors that were previously hidden or out of reach and is a very unique puzzle concept that takes some time to get used to using properly.

It is hard not to love Fez with its interesting rotation mechanic that creates some puzzles you would have never encountered before in a puzzle platformer. The game world is also presented beautifully with a fun and bright art style that makes the world just as interesting as the puzzles within it.


  • Unique rotation mechanic to solve puzzles.
  • Bright and colourful game world is a joy to explore.
  • Plenty of puzzles and game time in Fez.
  • Always a new discovery around the corner.
  • On Xbox 360, Windows and Mac.



Review Platform: PC

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