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  • Simple – Relaxing – Free
  • Won't keep you entertained for extended lengths of time

Flow (flOw) offers an indie experience similar to that of the first stage in Spore. The game has grown from a simple flash game into a popular past time on your PlayStation devices and PC (online and download).


The gameplay of Flow is extremely simple but this also means that you will be hooked quickly. Flow is a game that involves players taking control of an aquatic organism that must eat the organisms around it in order to thrive and grow.

In Flow you control your organism from a top-down perspective on a number of 2D planes. Your Flow creature starts out as a small worm and slowly adds additional parts as you progress. On each plane you’ll find organisms of colours to allow you to go up and down these planes by touching them. As you advance through them you’ll slowly run into more confrontational organisms.

In the PlayStation version of the game the visuals have been bumped up a few notches compared to the online version. The PS version also adds additional organisms with their own strengths to the playable organism list.


Flow has the unique ability to dynamically adjust the difficulty so if you want a casual playthrough you’ll find a very relaxing game experience. On the flip side if you are pushing for a full on experience the game will up the difficulty for you and require you to carefully manage your organism.

The game has very impressive visuals that can be played up to a full 1080p HD quality so it will seamlessly convert from your PC screen to your large TV on your PlayStation 3 and still look just as beautiful.


  • Simple and calming gameplay.
  • Play casually and enjoy the experience or try grow as large as possible.
  • Can be played online or downloaded for your PC.
  • Visually mesmerising.
  • An enhanced version of the early stages of Spore.



Review Platform: PC

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