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  • Simple and beautiful
  • Short for the price

Flower is a relaxing musical driven adventure that is exclusive to the PlayStation consoles. From the same company (Thatgamecompany) that brought you Flow and eventually went on to develop Journey this title is visually enjoyable but still offers some challenge.


The game itself starts off with a single flower as players use their power of the wind to take one small petal away from it. With this small petal you’ll move across the landscape, collecting additional petals that each play a tune upon collection.

Accordingly these flowers are generally setup in an intended collection pattern to produce an impressive tune but even if you opt to collect them in your own order players are not penalised in anyway and still treated to the impressive visuals and sounds on offer. In order to collect these petals the game camera will be positioned right behind your petal group although will sometimes zoom out to give you a wider view of your flower collection deeds or focus on a particular objective.

In addition to the chimes of flowers as you pass some sequences will have other side effects such as activating the stationary windmills towering over the flowers below or releasing a breath of life into the once drab fields.


Similar to the other Thatgamecompany creations you’ll find no dialogue or text within the game world with your adventure solely focused on your freedom and the beauty of the land around you. Flower splits this around six main levels and an additional credits level which are entered into through a flower pot on an apartment windowsill. Each level has its own theme and manages to tell an intriguing story despite the lack of words in the game.

For the gamer that loves the other games produced by Thatgamecompany Flower is an obvious option and an hour of gameplay you shouldn’t miss out on.


  • From the developer behind Flow and Journey.
  • A world without dialogue and text.
  • Control the wind as you collect petals.
  • Six main levels and a credit level which build in intensity.
  • PlayStation exclusive (PS3, PS4, PS Vita) eventually brought to Windows as well.



Review Platform: PS4

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