Frozen Free Fall

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  • Easy and simple – Very in line with the movie – Unique character abilities
  • Long load screens – Won't appeal to older gamers (designed for children)

Frozen Free Fall is an iOS and Android casual matching puzzle game developed by Disney which puts an icy twist on the popular genre.


The game was released as a promotional piece for Disney’s film, Frozen. As such the game is set in the same world as the movie (the Kingdom of Arendelle) and has players joining characters from the film on an icy puzzle adventure. Players start their adventure as a young Anna and Elsa but as they advance through the game will unlock the ability to use more characters.

Characters come with their own special power up which can help you clear the large number of levels that Frozen Free Fall has to offer. Taking character abilities into consideration while playing is very important, especially in later levels which can prove quite challenging. Abilities include Elsa’s ability to wipe a single colour of crystals from the game completely while Hans can pull out his sword to slash some crystals that are in your way.

Outside of these character abilities Frozen Free Fall is your fairly standard match three puzzle game. A particular good feature (despite being a minor inclusion) is the support for both vertical and horizontal play.

Game boards can come in a number of different shapes and sizes with some featuring obstructions which will hinder your matching skills. Each level the player has a limited number of moves to achieve the given goal for that level which can be clearing certain blocks, reaching a certain score and more.


By matching three or more of the same coloured crystals together players will earn points and clear them from the game board. Matching groups of four or five crystals together will leave behind a powerful crystal which if paired with similar crystals will wipe out an entire line or area completely.

While there isn’t enough depth of difficulty for fans of the hardcore fans of the puzzle genre it’s the perfect casual game to eat up a few minutes of your time and is perfect for young children in particular.


  • A three match puzzle game based in the same world as the movie.
  • As simple as it gets in terms of gameplay which makes it great for children.
  • Several characters to use each with their own abilities to help you achieve your goal.
  • Nearly 100 levels to complete.
  • Free on both iOS and Android.



Review Platform: iOS

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