5 Games Like 2048

Games like 2048 Games Finder’s list of games like 2048 features other puzzle games that require you to slide blocks across the game board to achieve new high scores.

2048 emerged as one of the most popular puzzle games on Android and iOS devices after being released on mobile devices in early 2014. Your objective in this addicting puzzle game is to slide the numbered tiles on the game grid in order to combine them together and with time make the magical number of 2048. This grid is made up of a 4x4 space with the tiles sliding across in any four directions with new random tiles appearing in empty spaces with each player move.

In order to make matches the two colliding tiles must be of the same value and then will take on the number of their combined sum. This also serves as the scoring mechanism of 2048 with points awarded upon each tile combination that is made. A game in 2048 ends when players either reach a tile value of 2048 (although can continue to reach new high scores) or no longer have any legal moves available due to a cluttered game grid.

The games like 2048 featured below offer similar puzzle experiences for your mobile (iOS and Android) devices. In these titles you can compete against yourself and friends as you chase high scores in brain teasing puzzle designs.

Triple Town

Triple Town challenges your brain with a puzzle experience of unique design that still manages to find that sweet spot where it is easy to learn but difficult to master. Ultimately your goal is to create a dream city with careful movement of objects around the game board with a blend of puzzle matching gameplay and elements of city building. While not the first to adopt this style of play Triple Town is often credited as being the first impressive player in the market and propelling the genre fo...[Read Review]

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Threes! comes from a small team of indie developers with its original release on the iOS platform. One of the first games of with such as sliding and number mechanics Threes! was broadly considered an addictive success leading to a number of spin-off titles and eventually led to the game being ported to Android, Xbox One, Windows Phone and even playable directly in your browser. The basic premise of Threes! has players sliding groups of numbers on the four by four grid to make number matches bas...[Read Review]

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1010! is a colourful, simplistic and free puzzle title for your Android and iOS device that will test your brain in both short and long bursts. While it takes inspiration from the likes of 2048 and Tetris 1010! mixes these two games into something uniquely distinct from other puzzle titles on the mobile platforms. Along the way 1010! has also managed to produce the easy to learn mantra that makes puzzle games so incredibly addictive as you compete against yourself to reach new high scores. Takin...[Read Review]

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Alphabear: Words Across Time

Alphabear: Words Across Time is the 2018 sequel to the original Alphabear game released in 2015 and commonly known as Alphabear 2. Like the original it is a unique mobile title combining the likes of scrabble with 2048 style growth that quickly fills up the available game board. Available for iOS and Android the game comes with a lengthy single player chapter based campaign and competitive score based multiplayer challenges. When combined this ensures that Alphabear delivers a wealth of content ...[Read Review]

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Hexic 2048

If you’re seeking an extra challenge the hexagonal and customisable game board of Hexic 2048 will bring your challenging puzzle gameplay. Similar in design to the popular 2048 mobile puzzle game based on matching tiles the Hexic 2048 version changes your experience from a square game board to a hexagonal one. On top of changing up the base puzzle element Hexic 2048 introduces several modes, options and mechanics to offer additional gameplay beyond the base game. Hexic 2048 uses a similar design ...[Read Review]

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